Feb 10, 2017

The first vision

Ramakrishna has thus described his first vision of the Mother:

"I felt as if my heart were being squeezed like a wet towel. I was overpowered with a great restlessness and a fear that it might not be my lot to realize Her in this life. I could not bear the separation from Her any longer. Life seemed to be not worth living.
Suddenly my glance fell on the sword that was kept in the Mother's temple. I determined to put an end to my life. When I jumped up like a madman and seized it, suddenly the blessed Mother revealed Herself. The buildings with their different parts, the temple, and everything else vanished from my sight, leaving no trace whatsoever, and in their stead I saw a limitless, infinite, effulgent Ocean of Consciousness. As far as the eye could see, the shining billows were madly rushing at me from all sides with a terrific noise, to swallow me up! I was panting for breath. I was caught in the rush and collapsed, unconscious. What was happening in the outside world I did not know; but within me there was a steady flow of undiluted bliss, altogether new, and I felt the presence of the Divine Mother."
On his lips when he regained consciousness of the world was the word "Mother".
-THE FIRST VISION OF KALI from the introduction to The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Jul 26, 2016

Kali - a poem by A. Crowley

There is an idol in my house
  By whom the sandal alway steams.
Alone, I make a black carouse
  With her to dominate my dreams.
With skulls and knives she keeps control
(O Mother Kali!) of my soul.

She is crowned with emeralds like leaves,
  And rubies flame from either eye;
A rose upon her bosom heaves,
  Turquoise and lapis lazuli.
She hath a kirtle like a maid: --
Amethyst, amber, pearl, and jade!

Her face is fashioned like a moon;
  Her breasts are tongues of pointed jet;
Her belly of opal fairly hewn;
  And round about her neck is set
The holy rosary, skull by skull,
Polished and grim and beautiful!

This jewelled shape of gold and bronze
  Is seated on my bosom's throne;
She takes my mused orisons
  To her, to her, to her alone.
Oh Kali, Kali, Kali, quell
This hooded hate, O Queen of Hell!

Her ruby-studded brow is calm;
  Her eyes shine like some sleepy flood;
Her breast is oliban and balm;
  Her tongue lolls out, a-dripping blood;
She swings my body to and fro;
She breaks me on the wheel of woe!

To her eternal rapture seems
  Mere nature; underneath the crown
Of dusky emeralds there streams
  A river of bliss to sluice me down
With blood and tears, to drown my thought,
To bring my being into naught.

The cruel teeth, the steady sneer,
  The marvellous lust of her, I bring
Unto my body bright and clear
  (Dropped poison in a water spring!)
To fill me with the utmost sense
Of some divine experience.

For who but she, the adulterous queen,
  Made earth and heaven with all its stars,
The storm, the hunger epicene,
  The raging at invisible bars,
The hideous cruelty of the whole? --
These are of Kali, o my soul!

The sterile force of bronze and gold
  Bends to my passion, as it grips
With feverish claws the metal cold,
  And burns upon the brazen lips
That, parted like a poppy bud,
Have gemmed curves like moons of blood.

The mazes of her many arms
  Delude the eye; they seem to shift
As if they spelled mysterious charms
  Whereby some tall grey ship should drift
Out to a windless, tideless sea
Motionless from eternity.

This then I seek, O woman-form!
  O god embowelled in curves of bronze!
The shuddering of a sudden storm
  To mix me with thy minions
The lost, who wait through endless night,
And wait in vain, to see the light.

For I am utterly consumed
  In thee, in thee am broken up.
The life upon my lips that bloomed
  Is crushed into a deadly cup,
Whose devilish spirit squats and gloats
Upon the thirst that rots our throats.

Gape wide, O hideous mouth, and suck
  This heart's blood, drain it down, expunge
This sweltering life of mire and muck!
  Squeeze out my passions as a sponge,
Till naught is left of terrene wine
But somewhat deathless and divine!

Not by a faint and fairy tale
  We shadow forth the immortal way.
No symbols exquisitely pale
  Avail to lure the secrets grey
Of his endeavour who proceeds
By doing to abolish deeds.

Not by the pipings of a bird
  In skies of blue on fields of gold,
But by a fierce and loathly word
  The abomination must be told.
The holy work must twist its spell
>From hemp of madness, grown in hell.

Only by energy and strife
  May man attain the eternal rest,
Dissolve the desperate lust of life
  By infinite agony and zest.
Thus, O my Kali, I divine
The golden secret of thy shrine!

Death from the universal force
  Means to the forceless universe
Birth. I accept the furious course,
  Invoke the all-embracing curse.
Blessing and peace beyond may lie
When I annihilate the 'I'.

Therefore, o holy mother, gnash
  Thy teeth upon my willing flesh!
Thy chain of skulls wild music clash!
  Thy bosom bruise mine own afresh!
Sri Maharani! draw my breath
Into the hollow lungs of death!

There is no light, nor any motion.
  There is no mass, nor any sound.
Still, in the lampless heart of ocean,
  Fasten me down and hold me drowned
Within thy womb, within thy thought,
Where there is naught -- where there is naught!


Jul 25, 2016

Thou mother of flames

O Mother of time, space, form, and relativity
Thou hast taken a finite form – the Kali-Divine,
Colossal, symbol-idol of all-sheltering Nature. The Spirit was invisible and took the shape of a visible Mother Divine –
In whom throbs the heart of all-protecting, mothering kindness.

O Mother Divine! Thy beauty-mark of the moon is set between
Thy two dark eyebrows of twilight and night.
Clouds of Eternity veil Thy Face.
Gusts of prophetic lives often have fitfully dared to blow Thy veil of mystery away,
Momentarily revealing Thy Face hiding behind the stares of ignorance.

 O Mother Divine, in the dawn of Creation we beheld Thee on the track of time,
Roaming in the rustic attire of primitive culture,
Crowned with wild nature,
And wearing the garland of unpolished minds and opaque, finite things. In the noon-day of Creation, I beheld Thee,
Wearing a garment of sunny mentalities, scorching Souls with the heat of their own material fire.

Thy Body of Activity sweated with restlessness.
All Thy children felt the heat of want,
And implored Thee to send the cooling breeze of peace.

 In Thy noon-hour of fulfillment, Thou didst equally attend the forsaken slums of misery,
The halls of festive prosperity, and the shrines of peaceful wisdom.

 In Thy attire of mid-day mentalities,
Thou didst travel through the fiestas of centuries:
Beholding the dream of human life and death,
Of the evolution and dissolution of plants,
Of the birth and death of civilization,
Of the drama of nebulae-molding worlds –
The dream of new-born planets and earthquakes and partial dissolutions.

 Then the dark night approached,
And Thou didst wear the grim, dark veil of mourning,
To put Creation through the terrible but purifying ordeal of destruction’s fire. The sun burst and belched fire;
The Cosmic earthquake broke the vase of the sky, dropping embers of stars;
And all Creation was a furnace of flames.

 Creation came from fire: beneath the ashes of matter, the embers of Creation slept;
And, rocked by the hands of Mother Divine, Creation awoke
With its body of pure flames.

 Thy one hand holds the lightning-sword of destruction:
Another clutches the severed head of ignorance:
Thy third hand of power wakes Unseen Creative Force,
To take finite, fairy forms:
The wand of Thy fourth hand stops the storms of Cosmic discord,
Ushering in the soothing rays of Peace.

 O Kali, Thou wild Mother of creative activity, wearing a garland of human minds:
The rhythm of Thy wild dance of Creation ceases when Thy footsteps touch the transcendental breast
Of Thy Invisible Husband of Infinity – Shiva,
In whom all Creation rests.

 O Mother-Progress, the dance of Thy life we hear in the tinkling bells of little laughing harmonious lives.
On the floor of my tender thoughts,
Thy inspirations softly dance in tune with the music of the spheres.

 In the Hall of Creation, everywhere, O Kali, I hear the rhythm of Thy footsteps,
Dancing wildly in the booming thunder, and softly in the song of atoms.

 O Mother Divine, in Thy changing robes are woven the dreams of Creation, preservation, and destruction,
Mother Divine, on the beauteous veil of Thy Mind a million cinemas of Cosmic dramas play.

 Mother Divine, draw aside Thy glittering veil of Cosmic motion pictures
And show me Thy delusion-driving Face of Mercy.

"Thou Mother of Flames" by Paramhansa Yogananda

Jun 26, 2016

Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram

Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram is the one mantra, the supreme one in the Sri Vidya tradition (one of the Trantic initiatory paths) and offers number of sacred names of Siddhas, God and Goddess forms, mantras - all under the One Devi, in this case, Sri Sri Tripura Sundari.

It takes you from the outside of Sri Yantra (seen there on the left hand side) into Her inner Reality and if you listen to it on daily bases, with surrender and willingness to advance, change - it may even grant you much more.

"It fulfills all wishes, more than you desire, instantly.
Therein lies its power.
Regular practice protects you, nourishes you and takes you beyond."
- Sri Amritananda

Below I also include open translation of the sacred names and mantras.

May Sri Sri Tripura Sundari Devi guide, bless and protect you, always.

Om Aim Hrim Srim Aim Klim Souh - OM (in the name of God), may you grant us benediction of knowledge, power and grace.

Om Namah Tripura Sundari

Hridayadevi - Compassionate heart

Sirodevi - princely diadem

Sikhadevi - Long flowing hair

Kavacha Devi - protective hands

Netra Devi - graceful look

Astra Devi - protective weapons

Kameswari - Controller of lust

Bhagamalini - Garland of Suns

Nityaklinne - Oozing wet

Bherunde - Terrific

Vahnivasini - Residing in fire

Mahavajreswari - Jewel in lotus

Sivaduti - Llarbinger of joy

Twarite - Speed

Kulasundari - beautiful lotus on a lake

Nitya - Eternal

Nilapatake - Blue flag with red tip

Vijaye - Dominat

Sarvamangale - All auspicious

Jvalamalini - Flames

Chitre - Kaleidoscope

Mahanitye - Eternal Truth

Paramesvara - Goddess of God

Parameswari - Friendly

Mitresamayi - Sexy

Sasthisamayi - Erect

Uddisamayi - Stroking

Charyanathamayi – Happiness

Below given are the Names of the Saints who have worshiped the Divine Mother and thus attained liberation.

Lopamudramayi - Lopamudra - She offered herself for worship

Agastyamayi - Agastya - he drank the water of the oceans, drying them up

Kalatapanamayi - Kalatana - he set time on fire

Dharmacharyamayi - Dharmacharya - he preached the nature of good and evil

Muktakesisvaramayi - Muktakaleisvara - not worrying about his appearace he let the hair flow loose

Dipakalanathamayi - Depakalanada - he gazed on eternal light

Visnudevamayi - Vishnudeva - he expanded himself, took up the whole of space

Prabhakara devamayi - Prabhaharadeva - he became a star called the sun

Tejodevamayi - Tejodeva - he became the light witch was speeding over all space creating space itself

Manojadevamayi - Manojadeva - he was desire

Kalyanadevamayi - Kalyanadeva - he was ever auspicious

Vasudevamayi - Vasudeva - the world grew out of his memory

Ratnadevamayi - Ratnadeva - concentrated like jewels

Sri Ramanandamayi - Sri Ramananda - he enjoyed the Goddess Sri Rama Blissfully

1. Following are the Gods of the nine enclosures of Sri Chakra / the first enclosure.

Anima Siddhe, Laghima Siddhe, Garima Siddhe, Mahima Siddhe, Isitva Siddhe, Vasitva Siddhe, Prakamya Siddhe, Bhukti Siddhe, Iccha Siddhe, Prapti Siddhe, Sarvakama Siddhe, Brahmi, Mahesvari, Koumari, Vaisnavi, Varahi, Mahendri, Chamunde, Mahalaksmi, Sarva Samksobhini, Sarva Vidravini, Sarva karsini, Sarva Vasamkari, Sarvonmadini, Sarva Mahankuse, Sarva Khecari, Sarva Bije, Sarva Yone, Sarva Trikhande. Trilokya mohana chakra swamini Prakata yogini

The passions called : lust, anger, possessiveness, obsession, pride, jealousy, good, and evil. The procedure to control these passions and obtain the powers of: agitating all(Negativities), liquefying all (orgasmic ally), attracting all, controlling all, maddening all, directing all, moving in all space, be the information of all, be the source of all (womb), be tri-fold division of all (the known, the knowing, and the will know). The wheel of the three worlds of waking, dreaming and sleeping, expressing Herself openly without inhibitions.

2. Below are the sixteen attractive powers identified with the sixteen days of the lunar calendar:

According to the Hindu art of love, the erotic zone moves up from feet to head in the bright half of the lunar month and comes down to the dark half of the lunar month; the expression of the love through the various power of the mind described bellow: - the Gods of the second enclosure.

Kamakarshini - Attractive powers of lust

Buddhyakarshini - Attractive powers of discrimination

Ahamkarakarshini - Attractive powers of ego

Sabdhakarshini - Attractive powers of sound

Sparsakarshini - Attractive powers of touch

Rupakarhsini - Attractive powers of form

Rasakarshini - Attractive powers of taste

Gandhakarshini - Attractive powers of odor

Chittakarshini - Attractive powers of mind

Dharyakarshini - Attractive powers of valor

Smrityikarshini - Attractive powers of memory

Namakarshini - Attractive powers of name

Bijakarshini - Attractive powers of semen

Atmakarshini - Attractive powers of self

Amrtakarshini - Attractive powers of immortality

Sarirakarshini - Attractive powers of morality

Sarvasa paripuraka chakra swamini Gupta Yogini - The wheel which fulfills all directions and all desires, the secret Yogini.

3. Following are the eight forms of erotic sentiments: - the third enclosure.

Ananga Kusume - The sentiment of flowering

Ananga Mekhale - The sentiment of girdling

Ananga Madane - The sentiment of love

Ananga Madananture - The sentiment of lust

Ananga Redhe - The sentiment of outlining

Ananga Vegini - The sentiment of the desire of sex

Ananga Kusume - The sentiment of the insistence on sex

Ananga Malini - The sentiment of orgy

Sarva sanksoghana sadhaka chakra swamini Gupta tara Yogini - The wheel that agitates everyone, the esoteric yogini.

4. Follow the descriptions of the fourteen worlds of the fourth enclosure.

Sarva Samksobhini - Agitating all

Sarva Vidravini - Liquefying all

Sarva Karshini - Attracting all

Sarva Hladini - Pleasing all

Sarva Sammohini - Deluding all

Sarva Stambhini - Obstructing all

Sarva Jrumbhini - Expanding all

Sarva Vasamkari - Controlling all

Sarva Ranjani - Enjoying all

Sarvonmadini - Maddening all

Sarvarthasadhini - all prosperous

Sarva Sampattipurani - All full filling riches

Sarva Mantra Mayi - All mantras

Sarva Dvandva Ksayamkari - Eliminating all dualities

Sarva Soubhagya Dayaka Cakra Swamini

Sampradaya Yogini - The wheel of all kinds of union, traditional Yogini.

5. Follow the Gods of the fifth Chakra.

Sarva Siddhiprade - Giver of all achievements

Sarva Sampatprade - Giver of all wealth

Sarva Priyamkari - Giver of all that one like to have

Sarva Mangalakarini - Harbinger of all auspiciousness

Sarva Kamaprade - Fulfiller of all desires

Sarva Duhkha Vimochani - Eliminator of all misery

Sarva Mrityu Prasamani - Eliminator of all accidental deaths

Sarva Vighna Nivarini - Eliminator of all obstacles

Sarvanga Sundari - Beautiful in every part of Her body

Sarva Soubhagya Dayini Sarvartha Sadhaka Chakra Swamini Kulottirna Yogini - The wheel which turns you on to the right path, gives you all wealth, full fills all desirers, and makes liberation possible, the Yogini that has graduated out if all classifications.

6. Follow the Gods of the sixth Enclosure.

Sarvaghne - Omniscient

Sarva Sakte - Omnipotent

Sarvaisvarya pradayini - Omni expressive

Sarva Jnanamayi - Providing the bliss of omniscience

Sarva Vyadhivinasini - Eliminating all maladies
Sarvadharasvarupe - The support of all

Sarva Papahare - The eliminator of notions of all sins.

Sarva Anandamayi - All happiness

Sarva Raksa Swaroopini - All protecting

Sarvepsita Phalaprade - Provider of all desired fruits (Boons).

Sarva Raksakara Chakra Swamini, Nigarbha Yogini - The wheel of all protection, the Yogini protecting the child in the womb.

7. Following are the eight forms of Saraswati, Goddess of knowledge, Gods of the seventh Enclosure:

Vasini - Existing

Kameshwari - Expression

Modini - Pleasure

Vimale - Pure

Arune - Passion

Jayini - Victory

Sarvesvari - Owner

Kaulini - Enjoying all

Sarvarogahara Chakra Swamini Rahasya Yogini - The wheel which eliminates disease, the secret Yogini.

8. Follow are the powerful weapons of the Divine Mother

Baanini - The five flowered arrows of Manmatha (God of love, Kaamdev) representing the five senses of sound (music), touch (feel ), form (beauty), taste (sweetness), smell (fragrance).

Chapini - The sugar cane bow (the mind which likes sweet things of life).

Pasini - The attractive power of love.

Ankusini - The repulsive power to controling evil.

Maha Kameshwari - The thrust of God expressing the desire to see Himself in many forms

Maha Vajreshwari - The ability to obtain the cosmos in seed form

Maha Bhagamalini - The ability to express the cosmos out of the seed

Sarva Siddhiprada Chakra Swamini Ati Rahasya Yogini - The wheel of realizations, the most secret Yogini.

9.1 Follow is the central hub of the wheel of Sri Devi, the Supreme Goddess: - in ninth enclosure.

Sri Sri Maha Bhattarike, Sarvananda Maya Chakra Swamini
Paratpara Rahasya Yogini - The Goddess Sri Devi is present in the whole cosmos. The wheel of all bliss, the transcendental secret Yogini.

9.2 Follow are the nine Goddesses controlling the nine wheels above.

Tripure - Three states of Waking, Dreaming and Sleeping.

Tripureshi - The controller of these three states

Tripurasundari - The beautiful one among all these three states

Tripura Vasini - The one who lives in all these three states

Tripura Sriyah - The riches of all these three states

Tripuramalini - The sequences of all these states experienced by all people

Tripura Siddhe - The achievements possible in all these three states

Tripurambe - The experience of the cosmos in Her three states unifying all the experiences of all life

Maha Maheswari - The great cosmic controller

Maha Maha Raghni - The great cosmic empress

Maha Maha Shakte - The great cosmic power

Maha Maha Gupte - The great cosmic secret

Maha Maha Jnapte - The great cosmic memory

Maha Mahannande - The great cosmic bliss

Maha Maha Skandhe - The great cosmic support

Maha Mahasaye - The great cosmic expression

Maha Maha Sri Chakra Nagara Samraghni - The great transcendental conscious empress of the wheel of Sri Chakra.

Namaste Namaste Namaste Namah - We bow to You, we bow to You, We bow to You in the three states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping states O Divine Mother!

Reference from: www.songsnmnp.blogspot.com, www.srividya.org, www.mantra.lilasakura.com

Oct 14, 2015

No need for initiation or diksha

When presenting Tantric teachings or talking about Goddess Kali, I often hear questions like:
"OK, all that sounds just great, but how can I learn Tantra?", and:
"I know no Tantric Master, so how can I advance spiritually with the help of Mother Kali?", or:
"If we need initiation into Kali sadhana, how on Earth are those who are living here in the West ever gonna get initiated?"

Well, in this blog I will address these questions, especially the last one.

Diksha or initiation is indeed an ancient ritual, predating modern era by thousands of years. Diksha is manifold action or situation and is absolutely necessary for certain aspects of Tantric (or other) teachings. In Diksha one receives empowerment from a competent, accomplished and self realized Master. A Master passes on a blessing to a new initiate and thus adds yet one more soul to an unbroken line of Tantric Masters which originates in celestial realms.

Diksha usually involves hearing the initiating mantra along with relevant instructions. Mantra is of course powerful powerful tool (for the lack of a better word) and enables one to swiftly attain the lotus feet of the Goddess of the mantra.

And herein lies one of many problems regarding Diksha or mantra initiation: you simply have to receive the mantra from someone who has already attained that exact Mantra Siddhi (for more info on the subject of Mantra Siddhi please refer to the blog here >> ).

There are also other "complications" involved. The new initiate has to go through preparations, preliminary practices and all sorts of other important things before receiving Diksha. Tantric Goddesses, the ten Mahavidyas, do not allow their grace to flow so easily just to anyone, without any consideration for readiness.

And yet, there is an exempt. There is one Tantric Goddess who readily offers a boon that is free from any obligation or liability imposed by other Goddesses.

Yes, that Goddess is Kali. She is the most powerful among all ten Mahavidyas and also the most merciful one. I have written long and wide about Her mercy on this Blog.

There are many many Kali mantras, depending which aspect of the Great Mother Goddess one approaches. For example, I was initiated long time ago into Kali Tantra by receiving the Kali mantra which connects me with the Adya Shakti, the First One, the Supreme Primordial Goddess, the Source of everything. There are other aspects of Adya Shakti, of course.

And yet, there is one mantra, practice of which requires NO initiation, no preliminary complications and no preparations. This mantra you do not need to be initiated into!

Consider this: how many years, decades or maybe even lifetimes have many of us wandered aimlessly in darkness before we were ready to receive the initiation into Mantra!

And at the same time, there has always been one mantra, THE mantra available to anyone who cares to repeat it.

So, no need for initiation, no need for a (rarely available and even more rarely attainable) Tantric Master. No need for initiation, and no need for anything else most of Tantric initiates have to go through.

What a mercy! Such compassion!

There is a text, a sacred text, dealing with all sorts of mantras, Tantric mantras included, called "The Mantramahodadhi of Mahidhara" where the mantra I am speaking about is presented. There must be thousands of mantras in that sacred text and only one is readily available to anyone.

Page 48, 3rd Taranga states, verse 2-5:
"There is no necessity for the purification by means of Siddha or Sadhya procedures. Nor is there necessity of taxing the mind too much or performing the Purascarana (initiatory rites). This is the queen of Mantras. By merely  remembering this one gets the eight Supernatural powers."

Here is the Queen of all Mantras:

krim krim krim hum hum hrim hrim daksine kalika
krim krim krim hum hum hrim hrim swaha

Goddess Kali has invested ALL of Her powers, ALL of Her wisdom and ALL of Her Love into this one mantra.

Let this mantra be the bridge over the troubled waters of this material existence and may the Adya Shakti, Kali Ma, blesses you. Always.


Sep 23, 2015

Kālī, what do you want for me?

“I know what she wants for me,
Even before I speak the words.
I can taste it,
I know her whisper ever present at the back of my mind.
Kali, what do you want for me?
I tremble knowing what is coming.
Open, she says. Open. Open. Open. Open.
She doesn’t say what
And I know only by opening all
Will I appease her
Like a drumbeat she repeats it
Hitting me like waves against a rocky shore
Pounding against me
Her mission to penetrate the layers
Break down all the walls.
Oh, Kali, what do you want for me?
Open. Open. Open. Open.
Tears at the power of one word
To undo me completely.
I give myself over
And she smiles.”

Sep 17, 2015

Happy birthday Ganapati!

Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati,
may you experience joy and happiness on this day and forever more.

Happy happy birthday, o remover of obsticles.

Om Gam Ganapataye namaha

Sep 5, 2015

Happy Janmastami!

Hare Krsna Hare Hrsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Om Klim Gauraya namaha

Jai Sri Radhe

Aug 20, 2015

She is in everything

Sri Ramakrishna (on the photo to the left), the Tantric master of Dakshineswar, a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali near Colcuta, India, had many teachers.

One of them was a Vedanta inspirant, who taught Sri Ramakrishna about the formless Divinity, Brahman, the impersonal aspect of Godhead.

Here I share how that Vedanta scholar came to realize the nature of our Goddess Kali:

"...The “Naked One,” as Sri Ramakrishna called Totapuri, remained at the Dakshineswar Kali Temple for eleven months. He did not believe in Kali when he arrived but, when he left, he did. This change of attitude happened as follows.

Totapuri, one day, began to suffer from acute dysentery. Excruciating pain did not allow him to rest or meditate on Brahman.

And, one night, when the pain was especially bad, Totapuri felt he should give up his body. Chanting “Hari Om,” he walked into the Ganges.

Although he walked farther and farther into the river and almost reached the other shore, the water never got higher than his ankles . “Is there not enough water in the Ganges to drown myself!?” cried Totapuri.

Suddenly, in one dazzling moment, he sees on all sides the presence of the Divine Mother. She is in everything; She is in everything. She is in the water; She is on land. She is the body; She is the mind. She is pain; She is comfort. She is knowledge; She is ignorance. She is life; She is death. She is everything that one sees, hears , or imagines. She turns “yea” into “nay,” and “nay” into “yea.” 

Without Her grace no embodied being can go beyond Her realm. 

Man has no free will. He is not even free to die. 

Yet, again, beyond the body and mind She resides in Her Transcendental, Absolute aspect. She is the Brahman that Totapuri had been worshipping all his life..."

From the book: Kali: the black Goddess od Dakshineshwar